If you own a unit in a condo or a house within a community with an Home Owners Association (HOA), when you will sell your home and at the time a buyer and a seller are under contract, the title company who is handling the closing, will require an estoppel certificate who is commonly paid by the seller.

This legal document, valid for 30 days if asked by email or 35 days if sent by regular mail, is used to check that the HOA/condo fees are paid up to date. It also checks the regular periodic assessments levied against the property and if there are other special assessment scheduled, as well as if there were any violations from the owner.

This certificate must be delivered within 10 days. If delivered after, a fee may not be charged for the preparation and delivery of that estoppel certificate. Its content is binding, and since July 1st 2017, the amount requested for the delivery of the certificate cannot exceed 250 $. However, if an estoppel certificate is requested on an expedited basis and delivered within 3 business days after the request, the association may charge an additional fee of $100. And if a delinquent amount is owed, an additional fee can be asked up to 100 $.

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