As a seller, you want your house to be sold at the best price and in an efficient way, in order to move forward to your future projects. At that point of the process, two questions are crucial :

  • At what price are you going to sell your home ?
  • Who is going to be in charged of the sale ?

The best decision you can make to answer those two questions is to hire a realtor ®

What’s the difference between a state-issued licensee and a Realtor ®?

Realtors have taken a oath to subscribe to a stringent enforceable code of Ethics with standards of practice that promote the fair, ethical and honest treatment of all parties in a transaction. For that extra measure of peace of mind, ensure that the individual seeking to represent you is both a real estate licensee and a realtor ®

Why working with a REALTOR ® ?

  • The realtor can call a prospect over and over again, without appearing to be hurting to sell and follow-up on the prospect. Prospects see owner’s home and then goes to another.
  • A realtor has the tools and knowledge to help you define the market price of your home.
  • A realtor will offer you a nationwide coverage and exposure. He also has the advantage of having a full team working along with him to sell the home through the Multiple Listing S
  • Out-of-town purchasers will also call a Realtor to show them houses and guide them in their purchase, rather than going by themselves see different homes.
  • The realtor is a safety for owners and has ready-to-buy buyers that he knows.
  • Purchasers will tell their objections, if they have some, to the realtor. Owners rarely knows the objections toward their house.

Why choosing me as your REALTOR ® ?

  • I was real estate broker during 8 years and I maintain a great quality of service for my sellers, giving them regular feedbacks of the showings and helping them through all the needs a moving can occur.
  • I have a marketing and Internet background. I know how to reach the right customers and I will take time to explain you how I get to my estimation, so that we can share opinions and agree together on the price.
  • I’m speaking 2 languages fluently and have a great neatwork outside the Unites States. I can attract more diverse purchasers with higher budgets.
  • I only make targeted and qualified showings, which is a time-saver for both sellers and buyers : I meet my buyers before any showing, take time to get their criteria, ask them about their finance situation and then, show them the different areas and properties that fit those needs.